Vi20.News, September 2013


1. Rosé Vi20, vintage 2012

The limited production of 300 bottles of the Vi20 Rosé has been exhausted because everything had been reserved beforehand.
After the 100% Merlot for the first edition and a 100% Grenache for the second edition we have returned to the Merlot as the protagonist for the third edition.
Because of the great acceptance of this varietal in our fabulous rosé we will keep on the same path for the production of the 2013 harvest.
VERY IMPORTANT , if you are interested in the new vintage you have to reserve your bottles before the 15th of September 2013 ( this information is essential, because we’ll only harvest as much of the merlot needed for the reserved bottles).
You can make your reservation by e-mail with the Vi20 administrator Karin to <>. The Price is still the same : 7€ per bottle.
Due to the maceration and the long fermentation we foresee the rosé wine to be ready in the month of June 2014.

2. New Vi20 members.
The club has 46 members at this time. For the club to function adequately and for an optimum outturn of the actual production, we need a minimum of 60 members.
Nobody is better suited than you, members of this Project, to introduce the club and its products, helping us to multiply the Vi20 family. It’s very important for the club to keep functioning as it does, to reach the amount of members we need to achieve the maximum profit of the actual production of the estate. If you know anyone who might be interested, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask us for any information.

3. Vintage 2011 de Vi20.
There’s a remainder of about a 1000 bottles of the production of the vintage 2011, for many the best edition since the birth of Vi20. Members can obtain bottles for 10€, with a special promotion of a free bottle for every 6 bottles bought. If you are interested you can place your order with <>.

4. Customized extra label.
We are designing a small label to stick on our wine bottles that will figure the name of the member, the number of the bottle and a blank space to handwrite anything the member should wish. For example, if it’s a gift, the name of the person who it will be given to. This way we accentuate the exclusive character of a limited production of a high quality wine.

5. Harvest 2013
Due to the many rains this spring and a mild and dry summer, we foresee to harvest during the second half of September. All the Vi20’s and friends who want to participate in this harvest will be more than welcome!! You can contact Albert on this number 0034 616515012.

6. Harvest fest 2013.
Our already classic harvest celebration will take place this year on the 28th of September. Of course we will enjoy a grilled lamb of the Priorat in the Masía La Perla del Priorat (El Molar).
You can confirm attendance before the 15th of September!!! The price will be between 25 and 35 per person depending on attendance ( the price for children will be less).

7. Gathering of the 2012 vintage of Vi20.
The most important gathering of the year will take place on the 30 November 2013. At this gathering the bottles of the 2012 vintage will be given out to the members.
You can confirm attendance before the 15 of November!!! For the members the attendance is free and the price for friends and family will be between 25 and 35 € per person. (children’s menu at reduced price)
We will send you more information about this gathering soon.

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