TASTING NOTES.Vi 20 Rosat 2012

IMG_0588ROSAT VI2012




TASTING NOTES by Stefan Lismond:


This is a predominated ‘French Style’ rosé made under a warm Mediterranean climate: an intense, heavy weight and sharp rosé (with balls). Close your eyes and you might have a chilled young red wine in your glass.


This rosé is spectacularly blood orange coloured with a coppery brilliant rim like a red hot shivering sunset over the Mediterranean sea.

It feels heavy in the glass and releases immediately a flowery aroma with wild strawberries and white melon. Creamy lactic notes are mixed with light green pepper, peach and lemon zest.

It feels dry in the mouth with a strong texture.  Accentuated strawberry and raspberry with a touch of anise and eucalyptus. It reminds of a fresh wood oven baked bread with mountain herbs like rosemary and thyme and black olives in arbequina olive oil marinated with a slight touch of tobacco on the end.

This wine is perfect as an aperitif with tapas and accompanies splendidly a fresh made black olive pesto on a summer evening. Try it with a picnic at a lakeside, in your cosy garden at home, at your terrace with panoramic views of the roofs of a city, on a sailboat in front of the beach.

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